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Princess Jellyfish Manga Returns in June

After a two-year hiatus, Akiko Higashimura’s manga Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) will return in the August issue of Kiss on June 25.  The manga went on hiatus in January 2016, after being resumed in July 2015 from a different hiatus.

Brain’s Base adapted Princess Jellyfish into an 11 episode anime in 2010, and it was also adapted into a live-action movie in 2014.

The manga began serialization in Kodansha’s Kiss manga magazine on November 10, 2008. The first tankōbon volume was released on March 13, 2009; as of January 13, 2015, 15 volumes have been published. Kodansha Comics USA licensed the first 12 volumes of the manga for release in North America, which will be released in omnibus editions containing two volumes each starting in February 2016. Crunchyroll has also added the manga to its web distribution service. The manga is also licensed by Star Comics in Italy, and Akata in France.

Manga Synopsis: Ever since her late mother took her to an aquarium when she was young, Tsukimi Kurashita has been obsessed with jellyfish, comparing their flowing tentacles to a princess’s white dress. Now living with five other unemployed otaku women, 19-year-old Tsukimi spends her days as a social outcast dreaming of becoming an illustrator.

However, her life changes forever when one day, a beautiful woman unexpectedly helps her save a jellyfish in a local pet store. From then on, the stranger, confident, fashionable, and the complete opposite of Tsukimi and her roommates—begins to regularly visit the girls’ building. This trendy hipster, though appearing shallow at first, harbors some secrets of her own, starting with the fact that “she” isn’t really a girl at all, but a wealthy male college student named Kuranosuke Koibuchi.

Are you as excited for the manga’s return as I am?


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Princess Jellyfish Manga Volume 1


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