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Anime Ships That Never Happened Pt. 2

Hello everyone! I’m back with part two of ships that never happened. If you want to see the others be sure to read part one. This post may contain spiolers. Read part one here.

Kaori and Kousei


Anime: Your Lie In April

Once Kaori and Kousei got on stage and played together, it was as if fireworks went off. They were a perfect match, as musicians and as a couple. This is just another example of how much life hated Kousei.


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Mako & Gamagori

Anime: Kill la Kill

Every interaction they had was adorable. They’re personalities blended really well together. Whether they were together or not, it’s still a pretty big ship of the anime.


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Sakura and Nozaki


Anime: Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun

This couple to me doesn’t have a good chance of getting together. Sakura was too shy to tell Nozaki her feelings clearly, and Nozaki was too dense to understand anything. It feels like Sakura’s struggle to express her feelings became part of the comedic aspects of the anime.


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Rin and Mimi

Anime: Rin:daughters of mnemosyne

Rin and Mimi would have been a power couple. They were both really smart and had other great qualities. They had really good chemistry and without one another they wouldn’t have been able to get through a lot of events throughout the series.


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Spike and Faye


Anime: Cowboy Bebop

As soon as Faye was introduced to the series, I though her and Spike were meant to be, sadly it didn’t turn out that way. Although they did argue a lot, it still felt like they would’ve been good together.


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Meiko & Jinta 

Anime: AnoHana

So many ships get shut down thanks to death. I know a lot of people ship Jinta with Anaru, but the series was more about Jinta and the group moving on instead of finding love. It was obvious that Anaru liked him, but Jinta clearly was stuck on Menma, who can blame him?


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That’s all for this post, thanks so much for reading. I’ll see you in the next one. 🙂

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