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5 Anime Series To Watch If You’re Into Vampires Pt. 1

One of everybody’s favorite concept, vampires. They’re mysterious and dangerous(most of the time), what’s not to like! Through out the years, vampires have been the topic of many manga, anime series and movies, without a doubt many more will come in the future. If you want to watch a new series, that has to do with this concept, be sure to check out the ones listed below!




allucard gif

Studio: Gonzo

Episodes: 13

Synopsis:  Hellsing, an organization specializing in dealing with supernatural threats, is called in to eliminate a vampire that is turning the villagers of Cheddar into ghouls. To put an end to this, the leader of the organization, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, dispatches her most formidable asset: a powerful vampire known as Alucard.

Armed with only a single handgun, Alucard wreaks havoc on the monsters plaguing Cheddar. However, a young police officer, Seras Victoria, gets caught up in the chaos and becomes mortally wounded as a result. Taking pity on the girl, Alucard gives her a choice: die as a human or live on as a vampire. Seras accepts his offer and begins a new life as a member of Hellsing.


Amazon: Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 1-4 Collection [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]- $31.68

Hellsing Complete Series DVD Anime Classics – $26.24
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Hellsing Complete Series DVD Anime Classics


vampire anime

Studio: Daume

Episodes: 22

Synopsis: Fifteen-year-old Megumi Shimizu dreamed of a glamorous life in the big city; however, her unexpected death in the quiet village of Sotoba marks the beginning of what appears to be a ferocious epidemic that turns the hot summer into a season of blood and terror. A young doctor named Toshio Ozaki begins to doubt the nature of the disease and comes to understand that to discover the truth, he must abandon his humanity. Meanwhile, Natsuno Yuuki, an antisocial youth from the city, is haunted by the sudden death of Megumi and must realize the pain of friendship in the face of his own tragedy. Toshio and Natsuno form an unlikely pair as they work together to save Sotoba before it transforms into a ghost town of vampires.


Amazon: Shiki : Complete Series S.A.V.E. (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)- $17.64

Shiki Blu-ray/DVD S.A.V.E. Edition – $26.24
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Shiki Blu-ray/DVD S.A.V.E. Edition

Blood Lad

When Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl, accidentally wanders through a portal leading into the demon world, Staz is overjoyed. But just as he is starting to feel an unusual attraction to her, his territory is attacked, resulting in Fuyumi’s untimely death. She turns into a wandering ghost and the crestfallen Staz vows to resurrect her as this would mean being able to travel to the human world, something he has always dreamed of.


Amazon: Blood Lad-Complete Series [DVD ONLY]- $21.76

Blood Lad DVD – $40.34
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Blood Lad DVD


Diabolik Lovers

anime vampires

Studio: Zexcs

Episodes: 12

Synopsis: At the behest of her father, Yui Komori goes to live in a secluded mansion, home to the six Sakamaki brothers—Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru—a family of vampires. Though at first the siblings are confused as to why the girl has arrived, they soon realize that she is to be their new “sacrificial bride,” not to mention their other, more carnal intentions for her. After meeting the brothers, Yui quickly begins to question why her father would have sent her here and why she feels a strange, new pain in her chest. With each brother more sadistic than the last, Yui’s life as a captive takes a harrowing turn in her new home. As her days turn into endless nights, and each brother vows to make her his own, Yui falls deeper and deeper into madness and ecstasy.


Amazon: Diabolik Lovers DVD- $19.99

Diabolik Lovers Blu-ray – $29.99
from: Right Stuf, Inc.
Diabolik Lovers Blu-ray


Studio: Gonzo

Episodes: 13

Synopsis:  Youkai Academy is a seemingly normal boarding school, except that its pupils are monsters learning to coexist with humans. All students attend in human form and take normal academic subjects, such as literature, gym, foreign language, and mathematics. However, there is one golden rule at Youkai Academy, all humans found on school grounds are to be executed immediately.

Tsukune Aono is an average teenager who is unable to get into any high school because of his bad grades. His parents inadvertently enroll him into Youkai Academy as a last-ditch effort to secure his education. As Tsukune unknowingly enters this new world, he has a run-in with the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya. Deciding to stay in the perilous realm in order to further his relationship with Moka, he does not realize that beneath her beauty lies a menacing monster, a vampire.


Amazon: Rosario + Vampire: Season 1- $26.40

Rosario+Vampire DVD – $37.49
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Rosario+Vampire DVD



That was all for this post, don’t forget to check any of the series listed! If you wish to know more anime series like this, a part two will be made for next week. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you on the next post. 🙂

Disclaimer: Anime synopsis obtained from Myanimelist.net

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